Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cherry Pie.

Once I found out that the annual Lynch Fest was happening this weekend, I decided to dust off my Twin Peaks dvds and settle down to watch 'em. About 3 years ago I went to the first Twin Peaks Fest that has now morphed into the Lynch Fest; and I'm sure the festival I went to was mighty different then what it is now. Then, the first night had tons of bands playing and record swapping--- with the viewing of Lynch rarities during the day--- and the second night screened Eraserhead with Ken's (he who runs/ran the fest) band playing the soundtrack to it. And let's not forget the Miss Twin Peaks contest that I was runner-up in; my prize was a tin foil crown with a blue rose on it and a Laura Palmer (wrapped in plastic) doll made by Ken. Kind of funny that that convention started my romance with Jeremy.... pure insanity.
I know I am trying to save my pennies for my (hopefully) upcoming trip to Ottawa for Mike's birthday, but I think I can spare the $5 for it.
I think....
I have ants in my pants today, as soon as she wakes up we are outta here and off to wander around. Perhaps we'll hit up Mount Vernon instead of the boring Inner Harbor; gawd I hate that place.

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