Friday, July 31, 2009

One Down...

And only about 15 more to go! :p
REALLY great film; I feel like it should have played at the Maryland Film Fest though... ah well, at least I got to see it in the theater instead of waiting forever until it's DVD release.

My Saturday.

I'm proud of my little Amy for being such a good person and standing up and a being a part of sothing she believes in! We were so close a couple years ago, but since I was a brat and she was young and in love, we grew apart. I love her so much and I am so happy that I will be getting the chance to say goodbye to her as she travels New England telling everyone about the Invisible Children!

Ultra Gore For The Gore Whore.

I've been putting off seeing this for way too long:

I'll probably have a nice ol' review up on Gutter by today or Monday. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Christopher Moore & Mishka.

A kink has been thrown in my make-believe book club of one; I no longer feel the urge to conquer World War Z. Another book has arrived upon my doorstep and I believe a good follow up to Hero and When You Are Engulfed In Flames. I distinctly remember seeing the cover of this book in various bookstores and probably even online, but never really thought much except "Wow, neat cover." But last week when I Tweeted about the latest David Sedaris being the cure for the blues--- at least mine, one of my Twitter buddies informed me that Christopher Moore was the author who helped him when he was feeling crappy or needed a chuckle. Knowing that even once I finished the David Sedaris I would still need a grand arsenal of "feel good" literature, I immediately hopped on Amazon and ordered two of his novels.
I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to reading these. I have a huge book list upstairs of ultra serious novels and basically film text books. But its summer time and that means fun reading is in order!
The funny thing (at least to me) was that a few years ago my Mom bought me a book-a-day calendar for X-mas and Island of the Sequined Love Nun was one of the 365 books listed that year; and has been sitting in my Amazon Wish List ever since then, waiting to be whisked away into the arms of yours truly.
The real highlight of my day was when Mike reminded that Mishka NYC was having a super fabulous sale!!! And while I didn't partake in the cheapest shirts on sale, I did pick up 3 really amazing shirts, 2 for yours truly and 1 for Mike... I'm nice like that, ya know. I wish I could post photos of the shirts, but for some reason it just isn't working out for me. I guess I'll just have to take photos of 'em when they arrive in zee mail!
Whelp, I had better run upstairs and grab a shower... I was unable to nap today at work and I am beginning to feel both thirtsy and sleepy.
Good night!

My Summer Meuvies!

I am most definitely not the type of gal to run out and plunk down $10+ on Transformers II or any of those other over-budgeted pieces of garbage. I am the kind of gal, though, that will throw down some moneys on some other fabulous films that just happen to be released along side the crappy ones:

More coming later!

Go To Hell.

Just a quick note to say that it feels really good when your ex-boyfriend, the one who ripped your heart out REPEATEDLY, is seeing a girl who could only be described as average on her best day. Its sad to know that he has to settle since he already had the greatest creature in zee world!

Thank You Perry Moore!

Yesterday I was having a debacle over which novel to read. I finally settled on Hero and set about reading it; little did I know that I would become so incredibly captivated by the film that I almost stayed up to finish to finish the 428 page book.
I can honestly say that the last time a book captivated me this much was when I read the last ('sob') Harry Potter book, The Deathly Hallows.
All I knew about Hero when I went into it was that it was about a gay teenager who had superpowers. On paper it doesn't sound all that great, a little interesting usre, but not exactly anything to write home about. But as I got deeper and deeper into the book--- who am I kidding?! By the end of the first chapter I was madly in love with the story. :) I wanted to write a synopsis of the book for you, but since I was up so late last night reading my brain is not exactly in full-effect; plus, I write film reviews, not book ones!
Here is the description from

"Thom Creed is used to being on his own. Since the disappearance of his mother years earlier, he has lived alone with his father Hal, formerly one of the greatest and most beloved superheroes of his time. But a catastrophic event left Hal disfigured and distant, and Thom is left to fend for himself. The last thing in the world Thom wants is to add to his father's pain, so he keeps secrets. Like that he has special powers. And that he's been asked to join the League - the very organization of superheroes that spurned Hal. But the most painful secret of all is one Thom can barely face himself: he's gay. But becoming a member of the League opens up a new world to Thom. There, he connects with a misfit group of aspiring heroes, including Scarlett, who can control fire but not her anger; Typhoid Larry, who can make anyone sick with his touch; and Ruth, a wise old broad who can see the future. Like Thom, these heroes have things to hide; but they will have to learn to trust one another when they uncover a deadly conspiracy within the League. To survive, Thom will face challenges he never imagined. To find happiness, he'll have to come to terms with his father's past and discover the kind of hero he really wants to be."

Sounds great doesn't it?!
Now that I have conquered Hero, it is time to put my bookworm energy into World War Z... although I have to admit, its following a pretty tough act.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Phone Bills Are The Pits.

My boyfriend lives in Canada (take a gander at his delicious-ness) therefore a lot of our "spending time together" is spent on the telephone. It use to be talking and texting, but my text messaging likes to stop working from time to time and this happens to be one of those "times" where its a no go.
Because of this more time has been spent talking on the phone, both of us thought the majority of that talking was done using Skype, but when his phone company called and informed him that he was $300 over his usual bill! And when you break that down and really think about it, that is basically his plane to come and see me; I suppose this means his trip to Baltimore is indeed delayed.
It definitely whomps being with someone who doesn't live close by because it means we get to see each other once every 2 months... although, probably more like 3 now.
On to something else that doesn't involve blah-wahing about my far off love, tonight at 7pm Hexagon is showing a free film and it happens to be one by the great Pasolini:

Earlier in the week, when I found out about it, I was completely gung-ho on going. Hexagon is not that far from my place (only a 20 minute walk) and I would love to see a Pasolini film I hadn't seen. But now that the day has arrived, and my iPod battery is almost deadzo, making that 20 minute trek does not sound all that good and my friend, Evan, said it best when he mentioned that I probably didn't actually want to watch a Pasolini film with a bunch of pretentious wieners (i.e.: the only people who would go and see it). I may be a meuvie snob, but I'm not as asshole-y as one would imagine.
Who knows, I may change my mind and feel up to going once I get home. Or maybe I'll clean the Shark Den since those a-holes are coming to inspect on Friday! GRRRR!!!

The Competing Novels.

There was once a time, only a few short months ago, where I would actually go to bed at a reasonable hour. Once 10 pm rolled around friends and family knew that calling me would not be the grandest of ideas since I woke up so early in the morning (it was 6 am, and then 6:20, and then 6:40, and now... 7). But something happened, and I have an inkling who caused it, and I am once again staying up late "on school nights" as my friend likes to refer to the weekdays and not nearly getting enough sleepy time.
Last night staying up until 12:30 would not have seemed like that big of a deal, but I actually had to in at work at 7:45. After arriving here and realizing that tagging along on a doctor's appointment was what I was in for, I was okay with feeling a little "zombie-ish" thinking that the running around would wake me up.
Luckily for me, the Kiddle is fast asleep and as a matter of fact... I believe that I too with also partake in a cat nap.
One of the reason for my late night was not only my waiting for Boyfriend to call me after he got out of the meuvies; no, I was also in quite the pickle as to which "new" book I would be devoting my time to...
I had heard about this novel from a friend of Mike's (a.k.a: Boyfriend) while I was visiting him in Canada. We had been discussing out latest reads and when one of us brought up the addictive Pride & Prejudice & Zombies soon the topic turned to the novel pictured above. Well, since I am always looking for a page turner I couldn't help but snap a copy up once I saw used on Amazon for so cheap! I had read some of Max Brooks' first "novel", The Zombie Survival Guide, and did enjoy it quite a bit. But then I got so incredibly sick and tired of zombies that I basically threw in the towel on any and everything that had to do with 'em.
The other novel (I think its actually even a "Teen" book) that is in the race for my attention is one that I actually gave to my best friend for X-mas. As far as I know its the tale of a teenage boy dealing with having superpowers and also struggling with his sexuality. In all honesty, I have a feeling that Hero is going to win this little make-believe competition, not only does it feel like a quick and happy read, but its also not mine and I've had it in my possession for almost 6 months AND I am going to be seeing him next Saturday.
Guess that choice wasn't as difficult as I made it out to be. ;)
I know that there is more that I want to write, but I believe I am going to take advantage of nap-time now....

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Boring Ketchup.

This is weird.

I had a blog of sorts before, granted it was just "Myspace" but it sure was nice being able to spill my guts to not one specific person, but a social networking site. But as we all know, the tides have changed and Myspace is now the equivalent of a Roy Rogers fast food restaurant... dead. It was hard to give up that blog but I did it and I once again have the itch to spill my guts, so I am now doing it all over again.