Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Phone Bills Are The Pits.

My boyfriend lives in Canada (take a gander at his delicious-ness) therefore a lot of our "spending time together" is spent on the telephone. It use to be talking and texting, but my text messaging likes to stop working from time to time and this happens to be one of those "times" where its a no go.
Because of this more time has been spent talking on the phone, both of us thought the majority of that talking was done using Skype, but when his phone company called and informed him that he was $300 over his usual bill! And when you break that down and really think about it, that is basically his plane to come and see me; I suppose this means his trip to Baltimore is indeed delayed.
It definitely whomps being with someone who doesn't live close by because it means we get to see each other once every 2 months... although, probably more like 3 now.
On to something else that doesn't involve blah-wahing about my far off love, tonight at 7pm Hexagon is showing a free film and it happens to be one by the great Pasolini:

Earlier in the week, when I found out about it, I was completely gung-ho on going. Hexagon is not that far from my place (only a 20 minute walk) and I would love to see a Pasolini film I hadn't seen. But now that the day has arrived, and my iPod battery is almost deadzo, making that 20 minute trek does not sound all that good and my friend, Evan, said it best when he mentioned that I probably didn't actually want to watch a Pasolini film with a bunch of pretentious wieners (i.e.: the only people who would go and see it). I may be a meuvie snob, but I'm not as asshole-y as one would imagine.
Who knows, I may change my mind and feel up to going once I get home. Or maybe I'll clean the Shark Den since those a-holes are coming to inspect on Friday! GRRRR!!!

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