Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cherry Pie.

Once I found out that the annual Lynch Fest was happening this weekend, I decided to dust off my Twin Peaks dvds and settle down to watch 'em. About 3 years ago I went to the first Twin Peaks Fest that has now morphed into the Lynch Fest; and I'm sure the festival I went to was mighty different then what it is now. Then, the first night had tons of bands playing and record swapping--- with the viewing of Lynch rarities during the day--- and the second night screened Eraserhead with Ken's (he who runs/ran the fest) band playing the soundtrack to it. And let's not forget the Miss Twin Peaks contest that I was runner-up in; my prize was a tin foil crown with a blue rose on it and a Laura Palmer (wrapped in plastic) doll made by Ken. Kind of funny that that convention started my romance with Jeremy.... pure insanity.
I know I am trying to save my pennies for my (hopefully) upcoming trip to Ottawa for Mike's birthday, but I think I can spare the $5 for it.
I think....
I have ants in my pants today, as soon as she wakes up we are outta here and off to wander around. Perhaps we'll hit up Mount Vernon instead of the boring Inner Harbor; gawd I hate that place.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

True Love.

Don Draper

What do you think? Too much?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bergman & Wolves.

Naomi is once again asleep (she had a very early nap this morning; teething) and since I'm feeling depressed and crummy, I think its time I popped in the meuvie I brought with me to work today:

I realize that Bergman isn't exactly a "pick-me-up" sort of director, but he is for me.


I don't think claiming that I have a "bad case of the Mondays" even begins to describe this day. Sometimes I have dreams where horrible things happen and I will myself to open my eyes and shoot up really quickly, take a long look at my surroundings and make sure that I am, in face, awake. Unfortunately today is not a bad dream, it is a bad reality. I don't what's going on with me... obviously the lack of medicine is screwing with me; but perhaps it also has to do with the fact that I don't really eat anymore--- actually no, I do eat but one of the side effects of not being on my medicine and "withdrawing" from it, so to speak, is nausea. And well, usually when I eat I end up throwing most of it up.
But realistically, that has its benefits (hehehe).

So yeah, I have spent the day feeling crappy for being a bad girlfriend. The morning argument began with both of us having a point and quickly disintegrated into me being a total bitch -face.
Its one of those days where I want to crawl into a hole and not come out until sunrise; hopefully by then my evil attitude will have diminished. It just whomps because Mike is a nice guy... a really nice guy in fact, but we tend to handle things differently and that can make for crap-tastic arguments.

I hate fighting. I really do.
But how in the world is one supposed to prove that, when all they do is get stressed out and almost explode.


I wish I were a shark or an EEL and I could swim far away from my bad attitude and all of the negative things that bring it on...

Weekend Shweekend.

Enough of hearing about how drama-filled my morning was. I feel better now, I ate my breakfast and am drinking my tea; the combination of these two things makes me get back to my normal emotion of not giving a shit. ;) Plus, I had a pretty nice weekend so I shouldn't throw all of that out of the window just because Mike and I argued..
On Friday I was actually lucky enough to get off work when I am supposed to; at 5:30! I don't remember the last time Naomi's parents came home before 6:30!? But trust me, I am not complaining about them working later; them work late means that I get overtime and overtime means I can actually pay my rent. ;)
After I left work, I decided to wonder down to the mall in the Inner Harbor to pick up a pair of bright orange heels that I have been eying for a couple months now and some new jeans.
(All very exciting, I realize.)
Anyways, after dressing myself I put on my big black boots that I had retired a year ago and headed down to the Talking Head to take in a little of Filth City Fest. Much to my dismay I missed the one band I really wanted to see, Pizza Face, but I ended up buying one of their t-shirts (it had a precious shark on it!) and they gave me two of their EPs which I have no idea what to do with since I don't have a stereo system anymore. ;) Little did I know that I was in for quite the treat because White Mice were playing this festival and they put on quite the show! I had no idea who they were, but after Tweeting about 'em, Leigh (the other member of Daiquiri) informed me of who they were and the next day Mike informed me that Daiquiri also played with them before.
I suppose the real "news" of the weekend was that after coming home rather early from Filth City Fest I called Lance and he came over for an hour and a half. Well, I guess I should say he didn't exactly come over as opposed to come get a few things, with some girl he went to college with (?). I am still very up in the air what the hell she was doing in Baltimore (going to a wedding), but she seemed nice enough... I was a little confused as to why he took her to all of OUR places, but whatever, that's something he would do.... he's a creature of habit so to speak. ;)
On Saturday I dragged myself out of bed around noon and decided to not only take myself out to lunch at the fabulous new restaurant, Maisey's, but also to see the most anticipated meuvie of the month (haha) and I totally LOVED it. This shouldn't come as a surprise since almost every one who has seen it has enjoyed it.
Whelp, its lunch time so I had better get this little Kiddle some foodies and some for myself also!


After talking on the phone with him for over an hour, he successfully succeeded in tearing my self-esteem down to nothing. In fact, I think I see some of the tattered pieces blowing next to the air conditioner.
I don't think I have felt this bad about myself in years... maybe, 3 or 4 years.

Monday, August 10, 2009

13 Times.

While I was off seeing the greatest band in the world, for the thirteenth time, on Saturday (The B-52's), my boyfriend took a break from the film he's working on and played a show with one of his bands, 2 Fans:

I've never seen either of his bands perform (the other one is *Major Group* Daiquiri) basically because I don't live in Canada and he hasn't gone on tour in the States in 6 months or so. Although, now that I think about it, I believe he mentioned that they will be touring again in December with Neil Hamburger, who happens to be his bestie.
How precious.

I think I am going to take advantage of the fact that the Kiddle is asleep and view Machine Girl. I finally finished watching Tokyo Gore Police the other night while staying at my Mom's place in boring as dirt DC.
Seriously, the only exciting thing about my two nights there (besides seeing The AMAZING B-52's) was that on Saturday I went to Eastern Market with my sister and bought a fabulous MOD dress from the 60's, an orange flower broach from the same era, and a Scrabble tile ring with the letter P on it for my precious meower, Pretzel Shark.

More later...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More Summer Meuvies!

More of the Summer meuvies I can't wait for!

I wonder how my lack of money is going to work with my list of "must-sees"?

Buh-Bye Rent.

I feel as if ever since last week my life has been a jumble of good and bad. The latest on the bad front would be my horrible ex-boyfriend deciding that the right thing to do right before I pay my rent is to cash one of the checks I wrote him (which was for a HUGE bookcase we bought together that he would have had to demolish and be in the apartment for an extended period of time.). Now I have no qualms about paying him for the bookcase, he did spend the $250 on it and I did insist on him letting me keep it since it housed my books and knick-knacks so perfectly, but to have him be nasty and cash one of them when he knew I would have to be shelling out almost $900 for rent--- that just boils my potatoes; especially since because of his doing that I was/am $32 short on my rent! Thankfully, my mom had no problemo giving me the money.... whew!
Is it wrong that I want to shove him through a window and watch his bones break as he smashes into the ground, 17 floors below? Perhaps that's a little harsh, but as of right now... I feel it is not harsh enough.
Anway, because of him being dirty I was unable to FINALLY go to see Moon! :( I am rather upset with this because the film leaves the theater on Thursday... sigh... I miss having Graboid.


Naomi just woke up. A nanny's job is never done.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Praise Geezus For Meuvie Invites.

Woo hoo!
So I took a nap and before I drifted off, I thought of some things I could do to improve my "blech" of a mood.
And lo and behold when I woke up there was an invitation to the movies, to see Moon, from Nick!


I feel crummy. Not exactly "crummy" I suppose, but not exactly groovy either.
After work yesterday, I did nothing. I felt so bored that all I could do was lie on my couch and talk on the telephone. How old am I? 16!?
One would think that with all of the meuvies and books that cover my apartment, I would be able to choose one or the other to occupy my time; but I didn't and I am now left with a feeling of dread in my stomach.
I should have taken myself out to the meuvies, but since I spent moneys on nothing this past weekend, I can't really go and do that.

Yuck. I must be depressed. :-/

So here I am at work, stuffing my face with Tostitos chips, which I don't even really like in the least, and feeling like garbage for doing it.
I really have no idea how to get myself out of this slump. Last week I made a promise to myself that I would fill up my schedule with things to do. It all seemed to be going well, until Sunday (which is my usual day of "blah") and I my blues came back.
Could I be lonely?
If I am, I sure know why...... I wish I didn't make such ridiculous decisions, who knows what would have been?

Monday, August 3, 2009

The Mondays,

Monday, Monday, Monday... it's Monday!
From the photo/poster to the right, its easy to assume that I did indeed make it out to another meuvie this weekend; only this time I went with a buddy (ex-bf Nick). Even though this wasn't on the list I put up the other day of My Summer Movies, Hurt Locker was most definitely one I was looking forward to seeing.
I'm not exactly a big war meuvie fan, sure there are some that I enjoy (the usuals: Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, etc.), but I wouldn't call myself an afficianado by any means; so me wanting to actually go view this in a theater was rather "odd". I am happy to to say that is was quite good, very different from other war films in the sense that there isn't exactly a story its more of a look at Bravo (?) Company's last 39 days at war. I guess what surprised me the most was seeing Guy Pierce and Ralph Fiennes pop up in the film for only a handful of minutes.
I went to Amy's fundraiser on Saturday with my sister and her friend... honestly, it was pretty boring and the bartenders couldn't make a good drink to save their lives.
Basically it was whomp city.
I did nothing else for the rest of the weekend. Sunday was depressing as per usual and the day flew by in a slow but ultra-fast way... it made no sense.

I thought I had more to say, and I do, but I desperately want to curl up on the couch and squeeze in a nap while zee Kiddle sleeps!