Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend Shweekend.

Enough of hearing about how drama-filled my morning was. I feel better now, I ate my breakfast and am drinking my tea; the combination of these two things makes me get back to my normal emotion of not giving a shit. ;) Plus, I had a pretty nice weekend so I shouldn't throw all of that out of the window just because Mike and I argued..
On Friday I was actually lucky enough to get off work when I am supposed to; at 5:30! I don't remember the last time Naomi's parents came home before 6:30!? But trust me, I am not complaining about them working later; them work late means that I get overtime and overtime means I can actually pay my rent. ;)
After I left work, I decided to wonder down to the mall in the Inner Harbor to pick up a pair of bright orange heels that I have been eying for a couple months now and some new jeans.
(All very exciting, I realize.)
Anyways, after dressing myself I put on my big black boots that I had retired a year ago and headed down to the Talking Head to take in a little of Filth City Fest. Much to my dismay I missed the one band I really wanted to see, Pizza Face, but I ended up buying one of their t-shirts (it had a precious shark on it!) and they gave me two of their EPs which I have no idea what to do with since I don't have a stereo system anymore. ;) Little did I know that I was in for quite the treat because White Mice were playing this festival and they put on quite the show! I had no idea who they were, but after Tweeting about 'em, Leigh (the other member of Daiquiri) informed me of who they were and the next day Mike informed me that Daiquiri also played with them before.
I suppose the real "news" of the weekend was that after coming home rather early from Filth City Fest I called Lance and he came over for an hour and a half. Well, I guess I should say he didn't exactly come over as opposed to come get a few things, with some girl he went to college with (?). I am still very up in the air what the hell she was doing in Baltimore (going to a wedding), but she seemed nice enough... I was a little confused as to why he took her to all of OUR places, but whatever, that's something he would do.... he's a creature of habit so to speak. ;)
On Saturday I dragged myself out of bed around noon and decided to not only take myself out to lunch at the fabulous new restaurant, Maisey's, but also to see the most anticipated meuvie of the month (haha) and I totally LOVED it. This shouldn't come as a surprise since almost every one who has seen it has enjoyed it.
Whelp, its lunch time so I had better get this little Kiddle some foodies and some for myself also!

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