Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Buh-Bye Rent.

I feel as if ever since last week my life has been a jumble of good and bad. The latest on the bad front would be my horrible ex-boyfriend deciding that the right thing to do right before I pay my rent is to cash one of the checks I wrote him (which was for a HUGE bookcase we bought together that he would have had to demolish and be in the apartment for an extended period of time.). Now I have no qualms about paying him for the bookcase, he did spend the $250 on it and I did insist on him letting me keep it since it housed my books and knick-knacks so perfectly, but to have him be nasty and cash one of them when he knew I would have to be shelling out almost $900 for rent--- that just boils my potatoes; especially since because of his doing that I was/am $32 short on my rent! Thankfully, my mom had no problemo giving me the money.... whew!
Is it wrong that I want to shove him through a window and watch his bones break as he smashes into the ground, 17 floors below? Perhaps that's a little harsh, but as of right now... I feel it is not harsh enough.
Anway, because of him being dirty I was unable to FINALLY go to see Moon! :( I am rather upset with this because the film leaves the theater on Thursday... sigh... I miss having Graboid.


Naomi just woke up. A nanny's job is never done.

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